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Sparky, the BLM Curly Mustang

By Angie Gaines of Golden Curls Ranch

On a hot, humid, Sunday in August, my good friend and trainer, Levi and I left Texas to pick up a little Curly Mustang, colt, stud whom we adopted on the Bureau of Land Management's internet adoption for Sparks, Nevada just outside of Reno.  For weeks I had helped several friends adopt eleven of the twelve Curly Mustangs and noted that this little fella did not have a bid. So on the last day, I placed a minimum bid to make sure he had a home.  What a lucky day it was for our ranch.

I had named him Black Rock ' s Golde n Firefly before we left for the fact that his little band of brothers and sisters were thought to live by a watering hole in the Black Rock Mountains of Nevada. For years, they were left in peace while other Mustangs were rounded up and the water hole was their subsistence. Fireflies are also known to congregate around standing water. Unfortunately, I did not miss the analogy of capturing fly-flies as a little girl for my pleasure and forgetting to release before they died in their jar.  I only hope I can be a better friend to little pony and allow this wonderful little pony's personality light up others lives as he does mi ne.

As soon as we drove up I ask my friend, "what do you think of Firefly" and he responded "you mean, Sparky"? So Sparky it became and what a great representation of his personality. He really lights up with folks come around and he is more handsome in person than the pictures could ever show. He is a gentle, calm little guy and as his photos show, a very curly, well built Bay. He is the newest member of Golden Curls Ranch and his bloodline will live on here in Texas.

It has been a month since Sparky joined us at Golden Curls Ranch. He is doing well and very accepting of our relationship. We work with him often in the round pen and I find Sparky to be a highly intelligent fella. He senses our desire to be friends. While he is a 'wild" horse he seems to have less spookiness than that of other horse breeds . Perhaps his lifestyle on the range allows him the opportunity to determine the danger before "flight". He has a great awareness of his surroundings and even though he is a stallion he shows very little aggression.

Like all young men, Sparky has a great appetite and I love our feeding times. I respect a horse's time to eat and never bother them once they are fed but watching him enjoy his meal and how he looks at me with the long curly swirls of forelocks make me pleased that I placed that bid and brought my new friend, Sparky, home to Golden Curls Ranch. 

Angie Gaines of Golden Curls Ranch


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