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About Curly Horse Country

My name is Denise Conroy and I learned of Curly Horses back in 1996. I created Curly Horse Country in November of 2006 for many reasons. First, to unite all Curly Horse Owners in a fun, interactive way in order to inspire, encourage and motivate each other to get out and use and enjoy our curlies. ALL, meaning no matter your Country or Region, Registry Affiliation, Age or involvement...ie breeder or owner.

Another purpose for my site is to be a resource of information. There have been many really great topics discussed on Curly Chat groups, Curly Newsletters etc., that otherwise are never seen by the majority of new curly owners. It is time to make good use of technology and offer all those great subjects online and in one place. ;-)

I also wanted to create a site that was fresh, new and constantly updated to keep traffic flowing and offer curly breeders a place to advertise at a reasonable rate. I remember when I used to breed curlies, it was especially difficult trying to juggle breeding, training and promoting - and do all those things well. It is really important to the future of the breed that Quality Breeders stay in business and can focus on what they do best...and that is raising top quality offspring. If I (along with all of you) help breeders to do some of the promoting and also offer a dynamic place to advertise, then my site will have great purpose for the future of the breed. Many things have transpired & evolved since Curly Horse Country went online and one is the creation of the Ride-A-Curly Contest. An idea that was tested for a 6 month period back in 2007 and is now a year long international competition averaging 50-80 participants. All motivating each other to get out, ride and promote!

Amidst all of that, one of the greatest things I have realized is what a really cool bunch of people you all are! I have had the pleasure of getting to know many of you from all over the world and you have shared your stories with me and the rest of the CHC readers. You have started blogs and shared your hardships and joys....we learn from each other and grow. I have seen many young girls get motivated to ride, watching others overcome challenges....and us older ones realize life isn't over yet and get inspired to try something new. It doesn't matter whether your curly is competing nationwide,a backyard pet, triple registered or picked up at a local auction without a name.....we have a common bond of Curls! ;-)

So it is time for me to THANK all of YOU for your support and kindness since the very beginning. Suggestions are always welcome! Enjoy those Curlies!

~Sincerely, Denise Conroy



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