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Ruby Red King - The Morgan

Photo of Ruby Red King

On the pedigrees of many Registered Curly Horses, you will see the name of Ruby Red King, AMHR 26101.We have to ask, "Who was this horse and why did Benny Damele chose to use him on so many curly mares?" When the registry first began, outcrossing was necessary to eliminate in-breeding and so we will find non-curly horses on many pedigrees today.  The question is, did these horses compliment the original curly horse?  The early breeders such as Benny Damele and Joe Mead were extremely selective in which breed and which horse they would use to add to their bloodlines.   Benny quoted his father in saying "It only takes one bad stallion to ruin what It took decades to accomplish with careful breeding."

In an article written by Carrie Eddy from Dry Creek Ranch, I quote:
"From 1984-1990, Ruby Red King has been a major part of the Damele breeding program.  He has sired almost 100 foals, the majority of which are registered within the ABC registry and are becoming major contributors to the curly genetics.

He is of the 'old type Morgan Breeding' and has bred true to the Curly Stock Horse Type contributing much without being detrimental to the herd.  Benny chose him for his conformation, intelligence, disposition, powerful action and agile quickness.  In Benny's words, 'He's probably too small for most people's likes, as he only weighs 1,000 pounds, but he is one of the prettiest stallions I've ever seen and I've seen quite a few of various breeding.  He is hard to fault if you try to pick him apart.'  Benny decided to breed Mister Horse (he nicknamed R.R. King) to bring fresh blood into his herd.  At the time all the mares and stallions were getting too closely related as the result of his cutting down his herd size in 1972.90 years of breeding have gone into developing the fine herd of horses that many of us associate with the Damele name."

I am also told by Joe Mead, that this Morgan line crossed well with the Curlies because it was the "single footed" Morgan bloodline and this closely resembled the running walk of the original curlies.  It is a 12 mile/hour fast walk that is extremely smooth. The head and neck remain completely still, as is true of the 'indian shuffle' gait of the Foundation Appaloosas.

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