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Curly Horse Locator Map - Add Your Farm

With more and more Curly Horse articles hitting the newstand, I felt it was timely to create a page to help those new to the breed find a Curly Horse near them that they can see, pet and experience first hand. This page will list Curly Owners as well as Curly Breeders..... anyone willing to allow interested folks visit them to see their curly horses in person.

If you accept visitors and would like to help promote the breed by welcoming interested people to your home to see your curly horses, please fill out the form below and be added to the Curly Horse Locator Map!

Thank you for promoting the Curly Horse!

OWNERS: These maps are not published to the search engines. They are only accessable through Curly Horse Country as a direct link. Street address are not included to maintain your privacy.

BREEDERS: Your website is linked directly to your farm name in the address pop up box, so visitors can get more information about you that way, including curlies you have for sale etc.

Please fill out the form below to be added to the Curly Horse Locator Map.

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Are you able to accommodate visitors with allergies? ie. if you own non-curlies too, are you willing to bathe your curlies prior to a visit, separate one of your curlies for safe viewing, etc? (asking the visitor what they require is also helpful) (Required)
No, not at this time.
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