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Tips for Grooming Your Curly Horse

For the new Curly Horse Owner, attending to massive body curls compared to their straight haired horses can be a bit overwhelming. Curly Coats are very dense and a great collector of mud, manure and hay. One thing is for sure, you will build great upper body muscles grooming your curly! I gathered information from several curly owners who have found products & grooming tools that will help make the grooming process much easier for you! If you have a favorite grooming tool, would you share it with us? EMAIL ME!

Shedding season


Winter Grooming: Essential tools

A Medium Stiff brush.. Link to buy

This is a great year around brush...essential for all seasons!

Paddle Brush - Can be purchased wherever human hair products are sold. ie dollar store, walmart etc.

Great for shedding season too!

Cider Vinigar Spray - Spritzing a little of this on your curly during grooming will tame that static cling! Link to Buy Spray Bottles or find at your local feed store

Great for shedding season too!



Poodle Brush - Link to buy

Great for shedding season too!



Comments from Curly Owners:


Shedding season: Essential tools

Shedding blade - Link to buy Link to buy
Comments from Curly owners:

I have been having great success brushing out the horse's shedding coats with one of those dog combs with the rolling teeth.  It is also great for getting through the tangles with minimal pulling/effort.  The shedding fur comes off by the tons and it seems to feel really good to them, too.  It gets through the mud clumps also and gives a shiney glowing coat. I also use a human brush, like one i use for myself, with the metal cushioned pins to brush them too, they like it as well and it also does a good job.  I find that the regular horse brushes clog up too fast with all the shedding hair this time of year ~Mendy

I can't be without a shedding blade during shedding season. It is quick and flicks away that shedding hair fast and easy! I combine that with the Medium Brisk Hair brush and Cider Spray and the horses look magnifico! ;-) ~ Denise, Conroys Curlies

I love the unigroom curry! The nice thing about it is that the wide, deep teeth hold hair in the comb- great for those of us who "harvest" fiber. After a few circles with it, you can peel a nice "patty" of hair off the grooma and toss it into your fiber bag or bucket. These aren't curly specific, but I love the brushes Tail Tamer came out with this past year. I love natural fiber brushes, but don't like wood or leather backs, and have trouble with most brushes because they don't fit in my hand very well. But TT makes brushes that are sized for women/older kid's hands (so not quite pony sized) and the backs are a kind of grippy rubber- and they are avaliable in all the different types and fibers. ~ Lindsay from Noblewood Farm

Summer Grooming: Essential tools

Link to buy

A rubber curry will help rid the summer coat of dried mud or manure on your curly.

Link to buy

Flicker Brush. Great for finishing touches on your curly's smooth summer coat.


Additional necessary grooming tools

Link to buy

I love the hoof picks with the brush. this allows me to clean the entire foot with ease!

Favorite Shampoos & Conditioners

Link to buy

This is a great product for your Curly's FIRST spring bath. This will rid the skin of any harboring bacteria and grime in the manes and tails.

I use Baby shampoo for bathing thru the summer, because I bath my horses often and I don't want to strip hair of essential oils. I dilute it about 50%. I add a few drops of Jojoba oil to it for the manes & tails for extra conditioning.

Link to Buy

Sweet almond oil is also a nice light hair oil that I have used.

Comments from Curly Owners:

I believe the first step to an awesome looking Curly coat is a medicated spring bath! I like the Aloedine. Most curlies have a very oily base to their coats and they tend to collect all kinds of dirt, grime and sometimes skin fungus throughout the winter months. Think about it, what a great breeding ground for such things with their oily skin and dense curly coat. ;-) Wait til your curly has shed out to about 80% before shampooing. That way you can easily apply the shampoo down to the skin for best cleaning results. ~ Denise Conroy - Conroy's Curliles

Click here to learn how to properly care for your Curly's mane & tail


Be ready for unwelcomed help from your critters!

If you would like to send in pics of your helpful horses, just email me.

Sterling Curlies

Chestnut Hill Curlies

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