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Welcome to the FIRST EVER Curly-Time Derby!

What is the "Curly-Time Derby"?

"Curly-Time" refers to time spent with your curly. In this competition you will gain points for not only riding or driving, but also ground training as well! So this means anyone can enter and have fun no matter their curly's training level or their own experience!

Curly-Time Derby is a friendly competition between curly horse owners from around the world. It is a SIX MONTH long competition starting April 1st - Sept 30th, 2016.

The Goal?

To obtain points by riding, driving, doing expos, events AND/OR ground work.

How is this different from the former Ride-A-Curly contest?

There are MANY differences! =] First and foremost is that you will no longer log your points on paper at home and your totals will not be secret. You will enter your points daily or weekly online and there will be a running total so you will always know where you stand with your friendly competitors. There is also no blog posting. (Although we will use a blog to post profiles and the standing leaderboard) In addition, this derby is to encourage curly owners to simply get out and enjoy their curlies! You don't have to ride or drive to obtain points. See below for several other differences. =]

What is the cost?

The cost is just $20!

Does my horse need to be broke to ride to enter?

No. The derby is for anyone who owns a curly horse and wants to be motivated to spend more time with them. Ground work is included as well as expos, clinics and events of all kinds. As long as your curly is entered in those events, you can count it as points. See point system below.

Does my horse have to be registered?

Although we strongly encourage you to register your curly with either the ABCR, ICHO or CSI, it is not mandatory in order to enter this derby.

How does the point system work?

For every 15 minutes you spend, riding, driving or doing ground work with your curly, you gain 1 point. So for 1 hour, you gain 4 points. For each all day event, clinic or expo where your curly is involved, you gain 50 points.

Ground work = any training you are doing with your curly. It can be as simple as teaching them to lead, halter or pick up feet, give to pressure, work with obstacles, going for hand walks, teach tricks...the list is endless! (not included would be daily grooming, feeding, routine care, vet or farrier visits)

****You can accummulate points on more than one curly. If you own several curlies, you can enter points from all your curlies combined.

How do I enter my points?

ONLINE! Yes-siree! Starting April 1st, you will enter your time online using our Derby Tally Form. Points must be entered within 7 days of the day your rode, drove, did ground work or attended an event. It is suggested that you keep a backup point tally at home just incase there are any issues with the online form or things go haywire. We all know with technology this can happen. Curly Horse Country is not responsible for lost points should such an issue occur.

Can I view my total points as they are accummulated as well as my Derby friends?

YES! This is what makes this derby so much fun! The leaderboard will be updated here:


You will see examples of names already posted to see how it all works. You will be able to see a daily total of how everyone is doing and to keep you motivated. Keep in mind, this is all about FUN and time with your curly. Maybe your goal isn't to be #1, but maybe it is to be in the top #15. See others as a motivator to reaching your goals with your curly, not as a discouragement.

Can I see other Derby friends profiles?

Yes, they will be listed on the blog. (see example on blog) Each rider will have their own profile where if they wish they can comment on their profile and update others of their accommplishments and growth. Or even their struggles towards learning. This is not mandatory but something fun you may want to do.

How do I pick my team name and what is it ?

Your team name is a name you pick for you and your curly or curlies that you are competing with. Please keep it to just TWO words. For me personally, You can be as creative and silly as you want. I've seen names like: Princess Buttercup, Desert Duo, Pink Treat or whatever! Have fun with it! And that is the name that will show up on the Leaderboard. It will make it a bit of a mystery too and people will have to search for your profile to find out WHO they are competing with!

Are there prizes?

Yes. Anyone that reaches 500 points by Sept 30th, 2016 will receive a beautiful rosette ribbon for their awesome accomplishment! The participant with the highest point score will receive a choice of a Trophy, Wool Embroidered Cooler or an Embroidered Jacket - custom made by OMD Embroidery.

Do we get free t-shirts?

To keep costs down, T-shirts will not be included for this Derby. However if there is enough interest, they can be provided at a low cost in May.

Is there a deadline to enter?

Yes. All entries MUST be in no later than March 31st, 2016. Sorry, no exceptions.

How do I enter?

I"m sorry sign up for this Derby has been closed.







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