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End of Year Champions for 2011!

GIDDY UP GALS: (Ladies Division)

Grand Champion: Tiffany Beechinor
Reserve Grand Champion : Zoe Lirakis

JACK BENNY: (55 and over)

Grand Champion:  Betsy Lirakis
Reserve Grand Champion : Ann Washington

CURLY TEAM (1 curly, 1 rider)

Grand Champion:  Donna Wilson
Reserve Grand Champion : Susan Lejonhud

THE COWBOYS (Mens Division)

Grand Champion:  Jim Washington
Reserve Grand Champion : Tom Baldwin

WRANGLERS: (17 and under, boys & girls)

Grand Champion:  Ashley Ostman
Reserve Grand Champion : Ashlee Bell

GROUND DIVISION: (optional add on division)

Grand Champion:  Donna wilson
Reserve Grand Champion : Betsy Lirakis


This award was given to the person that posted & commented the most on the RAC blog. The blog is an essential part of the RAC because it encourages, motivates and builds friendships. Thank you Susan!!

Susan Lejonhud


Medals are given based on the RAC point system (riding points only). 1 hour = 4 points. Awards given when a rider reaches the following point goals: 150, 250, 500, 750, 1000, 1250, 1500 etc. Points are rolled into the following RAC year if you continue to pay to be in the program.

Ashley Ostman: 3250
Betsy Lirakis: 5750
Laurie Bryan: 1500
Susan Lejonhud: 2750
Zoe Lirakis: 6000
Marlene Elliott: 150
Dana Leibfried: 2750
Jessica Venhorst: 1000



Mini Challenges & Champions!

During the course of the Ride-A-Curly Contest (12 months), there was three (3) 30 day mini challenge to keep the riders motivated.


This contest involved doing as many obstacles on the CSB course.

Giddy UP Gals: Tiffany Beechinor
The Cowboys: Jim Washington
Jack Benny: Ann Washington
Wranglers (Youth): Ashley Ostman
Curly Team: Donna Wilson



The RAC's August Mini Challenge was all about PROMOTION! The winner who earned the most points by promoting their curly horse received special prize. Points were earned by starting a conversation with someone about the breed, wearing their curly apparel in public to advertise, writing an article in a newspaper or magazine & writing a curly story for Curly Horse Country and more.

Giddy Up Gals: 1st Place: Angie Gaines
2nd Place: Tiffany Beechinor

Curly Team: 1st Place: Donna Wilson
2nd Place: Jessica Venhorst

Wrangers: 1st Place: Ashley Ostman
2nd Place: Ashlee Bell

Cowboys: 1st Place: Jim Washington

Jack Benny: 1st Place: Teresa Ruth



This was a brand new challenge involving TEAMS. Each person had to pick a team member in which they had specific tasks they both had to complete for points. In some cases the teams were only a few miles apart or family members, while others were separate by the ocean! They had to pick a teammate that was part of the RAC. It was a great success!

1st Place:
Betsy & Zoe Lirakis  (Total Team Points: 3030)

2nd Place:  (We had a TIE!)
Susan Lejonhud & Angie Gaines
Donna Wilson & Dana Leibfried 
(Total Team Points: 2130)

4th-6th place:
Tiffany  Beechinor  and Jim Washington: 1790
Sheryl D'Uva and Kendahl D'Uva: 1510
Ashlee Bell and Ashley Ostman: 1460
Krystal D'Uva and Kim Wilson: 1040


Suggested by one of our RACers, Dana Leibfried, this was new to the RAC. Each participant had to decorate their curly and post a photo to the RAC blog to be voted on by the public. Each person got 50 bonus points for just participating. The winner won a Curly Tshirt.

Tiffany Beechinor is the winner!







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