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Unique Beauty, Unbeatable Trust - Hypoallergenic Curly Horses

Here at Curly Horse Country, all Curly horse lovers unite to share, learn and encourage. This site was designed for those seeking information about incredible Hypoallergenic Curly horses. You will find fun links, articles and heartwarming stories here as well as Bashkir Curly videos and Curly horse blogs to introduce you to this amazing breed. It's also a way to unite all registries, ( American Bashkir Curly horses, North American Curly horses, Curly Sporthorses, ICHO, ABCR & CSI) and all owners and provide a universal place to congregate. This is an interactive site, making conversing with fellow horse owners easy, via chat group links, blogs, videos and Facebook! My purpose for Curly Horse Country is that it can be the hub for all Curly information to educate, promote and inspire. One way we do this is through a very fun Ride-A-Curly Blog and a Curly Lovers Store so you can broadcast your love for the breed in many ways such as t-shirts, decals, mugs and so much more. All articles, photos and contributions welcome! We want to help breeders promote their Curly stallions and also list quality Curly horses for sale here. If you would like to advertise here, visit my advertising page for details. Thank you for visiting!

*Micco's Texas Curly Bella
Ann Quinn (6/16)

*FloraLake Sundancer
FloraLake Curly Horses (7/16)

*Martinis Lil Michelada
Hidden Cave Curly Horses (4/16)

*Y.S. Kokoro
Yanagi Stables (6/16)

New! *SFT Sundance
Curly Pines Ranch (7/16)

* Stag Creek Palermo
Stag Creek Farm (4/16)

*Y.S. Takai
Yanagi Stables (7/16)

*Prairie Kid Einstein
Prairie Ponderosa Curlies (8/16)

SFT Seeker's Spirit
Curly Pines Ranch (4/16)

*Apache Fox
Messners Curly Horses (6/16)

*OYY Splash Paso Doblé
Top O' The Hill Farm (6/16)

* Stagcreek Lydiker
Hidden Cave Ranch (3/16)

*OYY Bellerophon
Top O' The Hill Farm (6/16)

* OYY Ceylon's Chaga Chai
Top O' The Hill Farm (6/16)

*Stag Creek Anpetu Waste
Stag Creek Farm (5/16)

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Quality Featured Curly Breeders
Quality Featured Curly Stallions
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Featured Quality Curly Stallions at stud

Quality curly stallion at stud, Yanagi stables

*BCF Splash Dancer
More info...
Top O' The Hill Farm
NEW! *Stag Creek Palermo
More info...
Stag Creek Curlies

*WWW One Curly Drifter
More info...
Henning Stables
*BCF Icon
More info...
Curly Standard Place
*SFT True Heart
More info...
Curly Pines Ranch
*YS Kinyobi
More info...
Yanagi Stables

More Quality Curly here
Featured Quality Curly Breeders
Quality Curly Horse Breeder, Three Features native curly horses
Cozy Nook Curly's, Curlies for sale (3/16) Stag Creek Farm, Curlies for sale (8/16) Three Feathers Native Curlies for sale (10/16)

Quality foundation bred curly horse breeder, Hidden Cave Ranch, Kentucky

Quality Curly Horse Breeder, FloraLake Curly Horses, Ontario Canada Quality curly horses for sale by Curly Pines Ranch
Hidden Cave Curly Horses, Curlies for sale (10/16) FloraLake Curly Horses , Curlies for sale (4/16) Curly Pines Ranch, Curlies for sale (3/17)
Quality Curly Horse Breeder, High Desert Equine, Nevada International Curly Horse Organization Quality Curly Horse Breeder, Ranch Namaspamoos, Quebec Canada
High Desert Equine Center, Curly sales (5/16) International Curly Horse Org (3/17) Ranch Namaspamoos, Horses for sale (6/16)

In trying to keep website loading time down, I have limited the above Breeding ads to just twelve (12). These are available on a first come, first serve basis with expiration time of each ad listed. If you would like to be on the waiting list for obtaining one of these featured spots, email me.

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